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Mole Removal

mole-removal As per the technical definition, mole is known as a 'melanocytic nevus' that is a small, dark spot on human skin, usually extremely common on the face and other parts of the body. It often becomes cosmetically embarrassing as well as cause problems when applying make-up or shaving. Moles can emerge anywhere on the skin in various shapes and size, in groups, or by themselves. Some moles actually looking attractive & considered as a facial beauty mark, however some people feel awkward due to appearance of these moles as it may lead to dangerous health risks. Due to appearance of mole, probability of skin cancer is rapidly occurring. To avoid more problems with it in the future, mole removal surgery is required.

Before the surgery is done, physician analyzes it by microscope and a biopsy of the suspected mole is done. If the tests prove the mole to be normal in origin, then it can be removed by physician either by cutting it off or by shaving it off. The mole removal cosmetic surgery through the cutting procedure is done when a mole is suspect of being possibly cancerous or is deep. In brief, there are two kinds of mole removal surgery-

1. Removal with simple cutting without stitches

2. Removal by cutting with stitches

In the procedure of cutting without stitches, the surgeon takes a blade and shaves the mole off flush or slightly below the level of skin. Then the area is cauterized or burnt through the electrical instrument and solution is placed on the area to stop any bleeding. Topical antibiotic is placed on the wound and it is covered with a bandage.

mole-removal In the procedure of mole removal by cutting with stitches, surgeon draws a map of mole and then disinfects or cleans the area. To cut the mole and the boarder surrounding the mole, surgeon uses blade. Stitches are placed either deep or on the upper surface of the skin depending on the depth. One another method of mole removal is laser cure. While marking is not an issue for this procedure, it is important to know this is not a method used for curing deep moles because the laser does not go through deeply enough.

Mole removal surgery usually takes 1-2 hours to perform, depending on the amount of moles to be removed. It is performed under general anesthesia for the comfort of patient. Pain can be experienced in various degrees after the surgery. Stitches are usually removed after one to three, depending on the type of suture. After the primary precautions advised by medical consultant, patient will be able to return back in normal daily activities after 5 to 6 weeks. Ultimate effect does not offer you only a healthy life rather it also gives you an attractive appearance of skin.