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Pancreas Transplant Surgery

Pancreas transplantation is a surgical replacement of diseased or damaged pancreas that involves implanting a healthy pancreas (one that can produce insulin) into a person who usually has type 1diabetes. People with type I diabetes require lifelong treatment with regular injections of insulin (usually a few times each day). It is important to know that the long term type- 1 diabetes may create another serious complication such as end-stage renal diseapancreas-tranplantationse (ESRD) or end-stage kidney disease, which may require a kidney transplant.

Avoiding this disease can be life threatening because without insulin, glucose can't reach into your cells. Shortage of insulin in these cells can lead to potentially fatal complications, high blood sugar, which can ultimately damage your blood vessels and other tissues. Pancreas transplantation is the only cure for diabetes that can reinstate complete insulin independence and normal blood sugar levels. After the successful pancreas transplantation, patient do not need insulin, have no special nutritional requirements, do not need to pierce themselves habitually to test their blood sugar levels and are not at any threat of becoming hypoglycemic. Some doctors categorized pancreas transplantation in two types such as whole pancreas transplantation and partial pancreas transplantation. In whole pancreas transplantation, usually complete pancreas is transplanted. Generally it is performed along with kidney transplantation but in some cases it is done after kidney transplantation as well. In the partial pancreas transplantation, half pancreas of a donor person is transplanted into the patients' body. Implantable healthy pancreas is usually taken from a donor who has suffered brain-death, but remains on life-support.

pancreas-tranplantationSurgery of pancreas transplantation is performed by using of general anesthesia. As the compatible pancreas is donated, surgeon takes initiative for the surgery. During surgery, the diseased pancreas is not removed from the patient's body and without removing the diseases part, the donor pancreas is inserted in the right lower portion of the patient's abdomen. The healthy pancreas is then connected to the blood vessels that supply blood to the legs. The donor duodenum is attached to the patient's intestine or bladder. The healthy pancreas starts working immediately and the old pancreas continues to execute its other function.

Usually surgery takes about 3-4 hours for its successful completion. After the surgery, patient is required to stay at hospital for initial one week to get better comfort. Some pain can be experienced at the incision area for initial few days but it will diminish gradually as soon as wound will recover.

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